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Commercial Endeavors          and Miscellaneous Projects

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BC EXT 8-1
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Estes Park's newest events center for weddings, conventions, and parties is our latest commercial endeavor.  With event space both indoors and outdoors, the complex is surrounded by beautiful rock croppings. This first class events center includes a top of the line catering kitchen, fire pits, lodging within walking distance, bar, and even a waterfall.

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Some folks are looking to Kinley Built to upgrade certain aspects of their home.  Working together, this magnificent deck was created complete with a stone fireplace, sunken hot tub, and mood lighting.

karen rev 8-1.jpg

Other examples of client's decks

karen rev 3-1.jpg
karen rev 7-1.jpg
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 351 Moraine Ave. Suite A
Estes Park, Colorado 80517

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