How to Pick the Perfect Lot for Your Custom Home

Choosing the right lot for your custom home is an essential part of the home-building process. There are numerous factors to take into consideration, and at Kinley Built in Estes Park, CO, we understand the importance of making the right choice. We can assist you in evaluating the key criteria when picking the perfect lot for your custom home, ensuring that you are making the best decision possible.


Soil Type

One of the most important factors when choosing a lot is the type of soil your home will be built on top of. Certain soil will move and expand, which would compromise the structural integrity of your custom home. Prior to making a decision on which lot to purchase, get the soil tested.

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Zoning, Building, and Development

Building a custom home on undeveloped land can be great but it’s essential that you visualize what else could potentially be built on this land in the future. Prior to choosing a lot ask yourself how busy the street is currently. What could be built to impact your view? You should also consider whether there are zoning restrictions for building and developing a new home.


Neighborhood Characteristics

Choosing to build a custom home in a pre-existing neighborhood may be less difficult, but make sure you are not overbuilding and aligning the value of your home to other houses in the neighborhood. Be very observant of the area you are considering and if it aligns with the vision for your custom-built home. Look for communities that also have desirable homes that are well-maintained.

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Proximity to Other Places and Objects

Be aware of the proximity between your new home and schools, shops, streetlights, and other objects. Your personal preference will determine how much space you want between your home and different amenities, but it’s also essential to be in close proximity to schools and work. Really consider convenience vs. space when finding the perfect lot for your home.

Kinley Built’s custom home builders can help you determine which lot is best for you. We can discuss what you are looking for and give our professional recommendation based on your criteria. Ready to start designing and constructing your custom home in Estes Park, Colorado? To get started, contact us today!

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